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Why An Iced Coffee Wedding Theme Is Impossibly Chic

The dreamiest iced coffee wedding dress by Inbal Dror.

Can you have an iced coffee wedding theme? No, I am not talking about having flat whites or cappuccinos at your wedding (although of course you have). I am suggesting you have an iced coffee (colour) theme for your wedding. Mmm, before you think, pale brown is not an attractive colour, particularly for your wedding day, I would beg to differ. If you are a bride to be who loves wearing neutral colours and generally abhors bright and vibrant colours, I would definitely suggest having an iced coffee wedding theme. It is different from having an all white or pastel theme, and can work for weddings all year round.

The colours that work best with an iced coffee wedding are creams, and even darker browns such as chocolate brown. If you are after more of a neutral look, I would suggest keeping to creams. However, if you are after more of a dramatic look, definitely add darker browns into the mix.

I think an iced coffee wedding will definitely appeal to your bridesmaids as I think it is generally a colour that suits all. If however, you or they are unsure it works for some of your girlfriends, why not put them in darker brown colours? You could for example have two of them dressed in an iced coffee shade, and others in a darker browner tone.

If you are still finding it hard to visualise how an iced coffee wedding theme can look chic, have a look at the stunning images below. I would very much like to hear from you if you do decide to have an iced coffee wedding theme, so drop me an email to

Stunning iced coffee wedding ideas

watters wedding dress

This stunning dress by Watters is just so dreamy.

iced coffee wedding

The dreamiest Talea, Jana and Cappuccino (yes you heard it) Cappuccino roses by The Rose Shed.

iced coffee wedding

These mocha coffee lollipops by Holly’s Lollies, Not On The High Street, would work very well for an iced coffee wedding theme.

iced coffee wedding

This ‘Oyster’ classic ballgown by twobirds is perfect for an iced coffee wedding theme.

iced coffee wedding

This ‘Shinesw’ waistcoat in taupe by Ted Baker London can work for city or country weddings.

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