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A Stunning East Meets West Wedding In Hong Kong

Isn't Sharmini such a glamorous bride? Her dress is by Vivian Luk and her flowers were by JF floral Couture.

Sharmini and Ben decided to have their wedding in Hong Kong as it is between the Uk and Australia, which is where they are both from. ‘We were so blessed to have 133 family and friends fly from all parts of the world to attend our wedding celebration,’ says Sharmini. ‘Guests came all the way from New York, Texas, Dubai, San Francisco, Paris, Copenhagen, KL and Singapore to name a few and of course from our homes in London and Sydney.’

According to Sharmini, she was really surprised by the anticipation, excitement, and anxiety that built up to the morning of the couple’s wedding. ‘I was so excited to walk down the aisle all dressed up to see Ben’s expression and sharing it with all our loved ones surrounding us,’ explains Sharmini. ‘I shared the car with my mum and dad to the church which was a really special moment. Just seeing how happy they were for me was really emotional. Arriving at the church was surreal, particularly seeing everyone already seated there and ready to go for us! We were privileged to have a family friend and Pastor lead the service for us at Union Church which did make it extra special. I can normally hold it together pretty well, however just walking down the aisle with my Dad and seeing Ben and our friends and family all there with huge smiles made me cry….it was a beautiful moment and one that will remain in my mind forever.’

After the couple’s ceremony, they went back to The Peninsula hotel for their reception, which was the perfect backdrop for their ‘East meets West’ wedding in Hong Kong. ‘The night was filled with 10 courses and lots of contributions of songs and kind words from family and friends,’ says Sharmini. ‘It was very entertaining indeed, if I do say so myself! My extended family also surprised us with a rendition of ‘I Will Follow Him’ that absolutely touched everyone’s hearts with an amazing balance of gusto, love, truth and humour! My Dad put the lyrics together and it was a real highlight.’

I am sure you will agree with me that Sharmini and Ben’s ‘East meets West’ wedding in Hong Kong is absolutely stunning. It was photographed by Zosia Zacharia.

A beautiful wedding in Hong Kong

wedding in Hong Kong

Isn’t Sharmini such a glamorous bride? Her dress is by Vivian Luk and her flowers were by JF Floral Couture.

wedding in Hong Kong

Sharmini and her very sweet flower girl.

wedding in Hong Kong

Sharmini’s glamorous gold wedding shoes.

wedding in Hong Kong

Sharmini’s bridesmaids wore a gorgeous red dress by Carla Zampatti.

wedding in Hong Kong

Black and gold were key colours at the couple’s glamorous wedding in Hong Kong.

wedding in Hong Kong

The couple had very glamorous guests at their wedding in Hong Kong.

wedding in Hong KOng

Sharmini and Ben at The Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong.

wedding in Hong Kong

The couple chose vibrant flowers for their wedding reception.

wedding plates

Don’t you love the elegant plates?

wedding dancing

A fabulous photograph of Sharmini and Ben dancing.


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