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The Pick Of The Most Timeless Bridal Jewellery For You To Choose From

How lovely are these

This blog post focuses on the most timeless bridal jewellery for you to choose from. Although we love following wedding trends, here at Style & the Bride, we also believe it is fundamentally important not to adopt too many fads or fashions. You must always remember that you are going to be looking at your photographs for many years to come. The last thing you will want to think is, ‘Oh dear, why did I wear that necklace?’ or ‘I wish someone had told me to opt for more classic earrings.’

However, this is not going to happen to you because you have Style & the Bride guiding you every step of the way. Now, are there any rules when it comes to bridal jewellery? I am not really a fan of the world ‘rules’ when it comes to weddings, so instead I shall simply raise some points I would like you to consider and hopefully adhere to.

1. Less is more

Try and remember this quote by Coco Chanel.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

In other words, do you really need a tiara, necklace, earrings, and bracelet? I love a bride who accessorises with beautiful bridal jewellery, but you can most definitely opt for too many accessories. Remember, you want everyone to focus on your wedding dress. If you have opted for a very ornate bridal gown, perhaps just go for a simple pair of earrings. For those of you who have chosen a simple wedding dress, you can perhaps choose both a tiara and necklace. I would, however, get advice from your mother/best friend/bridesmaids etc. However, trust your own instincts. If you think it is too much, it probably is.

2. Don’t buy your bridal jewellery before your dress

This may seem obvious, but it can all too be easy to fall in love with vintage bridal jewellery, let’s say a pearl bracelet before you have found your dream dress. You then may choose a very modern gown that the pearl bracelet just won’t work with. Always remember accessories after the dress.

3. Choose gold or silver, not both

If you have a gold tiara, don’t choose silver earrings. Gold and silver look beautifully separately, but not together.

4. Avoid matchy matchy bridal jewellery

Although everything should work together, sometimes too much for example art deco bridal jewellery can look too much. It is far more effective to choose one art deco piece like a necklace, rather than art deco earrings, tiara etc.

5. Think beyond your big day

Your wedding dress may just be for one day, but your bridal jewellery doesn’t have to be. It is important to think beyond your big day. Why not wear jewellery you wore on your big day for future special occasions such as weddings/christenings etc? You will feel extra special because the jewellery will always remind you of your special day.

I have picked out some timeless bridal jewellery below that I think you are going to love.

6. Leave yourself enough time to find the perfect bridal jewellery

A bride-to-be has so much to think about and plan for her wedding that it is all too easy to leave bridal jewellery at the bottom of your to-do list. However, this is a big mistake. The last thing you will want to do is be rushing around the week before your wedding to find jewellery for your big day. This will only lead you to make rushed decisions and making choices that you will regret.

7. Don’t be pressurised into opting for a ‘fashionable’ style

Trends come and go, so it is so important not to buy into a passing fashion trend. When it comes to your wedding day, you will want to opt for classic bridal jewellery that will not date. The key to bridal jewellery is choosing classic and timeless pieces that complement your gown.

8. Embrace your personal style

Although you want to opt for a classic and timeless look when it comes to bridal jewellery, at the same time, it is important to remain true to your personal style. If you have never worn pearls before and don’t really consider yourself a pearl kind of bride, don’t wear them for the first time on your wedding day. You will only feel uncomfortable wearing them and will probably end up taking them off soon after putting them on!

9. Make your jewellery your ‘something borrowed’

If your mother has an art deco piece that has been passed down from generation, what could be lovelier than wearing it on your wedding day? Not only will you feel truly special, but it can also serve as your ‘something borrowed.’

The pick of the most timeless bridal jewellery for your big day

Art deco bridal jewellery

a bride wearing timeless bridal jewellery

How about these art deco square earrings by Molly & Pearl?

Pearl bridal jewellery

A pearl choker - the perfect bridal jewellery

This very elegant silver plated, faux pearl and crystal Kenneth Jay Lane choker is available from NET-A-PORTER.

Kiki McDonough has a new bridal collection out, featuring classic, timeless and elegant drop earrings in 18 carat gold, set with pave diamonds. This is the first time she has launched a collection, specifically for brides.

Kiki McDonough timeless bridal jewellery

How lovely are these Kiki McDonough earrings?

A touch of bling

There is a fine line between a little bit of bling and a whole lot of bling. Here at Style & the Bride, when it comes to bling, proceed with caution. You can, of course, opt for earrings covered in sparkle and diamonds, but is your dress covered in sparkle too? Again, it is important to get the balance right. If you have opted for an incredibly simple bridal dress, some sparkly earrings can look incredible. However, sparkly everything, sparkly dress, tiara, and shoes are just overkill. Again, remember less is more.

Solaire CZ timeless bridal jewellery

These Solaire CZ long drop earrings, available from Liberty in Love, will give your bridal look a Hollywood feel.

timeless bridal jewellery from Goldsmiths

How about these 9-carat White Gold diamond heart stud earrings from Goldsmiths?


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