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The Incredible Love Rules Collection By The Bridal Designer Poppy Dover

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Ever since I met bridal designer Poppy Dover last year at The National Wedding Show, I have been a huge fan of her designs.

For those of you who are not familiar with Poppy, she is a British designer based in London. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Womenswear Design, Poppy spent several years working at luxury fashion houses, including Max Mara.

Poppy decided to launch her own label in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. Poppy’s philosophy when it comes to bridal fashion is very simple.

“To give the bride something elegant but unique to wear so that she looks and feels stylish, relaxed and 100% herself on that important day.”

Poppy’s latest ‘Love Rules’ collection is inspired by love and how everyone makes up their own rules in love. ‘By focusing on creating a modern bridal collection using hand-designed embroidery and beadwork, my designs set out to express romance and love in a modern yet unique way’ explains Poppy.

Poppy Dover is very keen to bridge the gap between the worlds of fashion and bridal. I am of course totally on Poppy’s wavelength as I started my wedding blog Style & the Bride to provide a website. for stylish brides who love fashion.

Combining ethereal romance with British drama and eccentricity, Poppy Dover’s ‘Love Rules Collection’ is set to appeal to the brides looking for something different

‘Unique to this collection this season is the subtle introduction of colour,’ says Poppy. ‘Pewter gold and silver moon accent the silks. They introduce a new life into the embroidery. This collection also sees more play with silhouette and shape, offering more options to the ‘mix and style’, separates. Strong styles to look out for include a silk strapless jumpsuit, and a beaded crop jacket.’

Poppy Dover recently took part in an event in Salisbury which is where she grew up. It took place at the Paloma Lily flower shop. It was organised by Pauline Church, the owner of the florist, the fine art photographer Emmie Finn ( who collaborated with Poppy in taking the incredible images) and Poppy herself. ‘The purpose of the event was to collaborate with each other as local Salisbury ladies,’ says Poppy.

An eight look preview catwalk show of Poppy’s latest collection was presented to the bridal press before The National Wedding Show. ‘The purpose of the event was to combine the various skills of everyone in creating a fun and high spirited valentines soirée that ended with an exclusive bridal presentation ahead of this weekend’s launch at The National Wedding Show,’ explains Poppy.

Guests were also able to enjoy a drink, live music, and a chance of winning a prize draw photography sitting with Emmie. 

The shoot for Poppy Dover’s new collection took place in the Paloma Lily Flower Shop. ‘Using a dark back wall, natural lighting and a staged wall of fresh flowers provided by the florist, we managed to create a magic set up,’ says Poppy.

The models for the day were sourced by Emmie and were chosen because they have confidence and character. The bridal shoes are by Emmy London and the accessories are by Victoria Fergusson (another Salisbury girl). Victoria created the make up for the photoshoot. The hairstyles were by John Ellis, who is a well known hair stylist and has a salon in Salisbury.

I am sure you will enjoy taking a look at the stunning photographs from the Love Rules collection by bridal designer Poppy Dover. I can’t wait to see the rest of her collection at The National Wedding Show, which starts this Friday. You will also be able to see Poppy’s dresses on the catwalk for the first time.

The Love Rules collection by the bridal designer Poppy Dover

Poppy Dover bow bounce dress

Kittiy is wearing the stunning ‘Bow Bounce’ dress.

Poppy Dover dresses

Steph (on the left) in the ‘True Romance’ top and ‘Dreamer’ dress. Kitty (on right) wearing the ‘Sweetheart’ top and silk slip skirt.

Poppy Dover dress

Steph in the same look as above.

Poppy Dover dresses

Georgie (on left) in the ‘Love Rules’ jumpsuit, silk slip skirt and swivel skirt. Kitty is wearing the same look as she did in picture two.

Poppy Dover dress

How cute is the heart detail?

Poppy Dover dress

How unusual is this dress? Rebecca is wearing the ‘Diamond’ top and ‘Diamond’ slip skirt.

Poppy Dover dress

The make-up on Steph is so pretty here. She is wearing the same outfit as picture number 2.

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