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Why Summer Brides Should Definitely Consider Ombre Wedding Invitations

I love the vibrancy of these ombre wedding invitations by Leeming Brothers.

Have you thought about ombre wedding invitations for your summer wedding. Or are you not sure exactly what ombre wedding invitations look like? Don’t worry if you are not sure as I know many brides and grooms are in the same situation. I shall basically let the Lewis R. Stevenson of Leeming Brothers explain…. ‘Over Christmas 2016 we had an idea,’ Lewis says. ‘After spending hours...

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May 2017

Luxury Wedding Invitation Ideas With Leeming Brothers

'The Chiltern' invitation by Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery is their most popular invitation.

If you are looking for luxury wedding invitation ideas and are unsure whether you want bespoke wedding stationery or a house style, you should definitely read Style & the Bride’s exclusive interview with Lewis R. Stevenson of Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery. He also talks amongst other things about the process involved in die stamping and what letterpress is. Luxury wedding invitation ideas and interview with...

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February 2016

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