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A Traditional And Simply Beautiful Wedding In Cheshire

A gorgeous photograph of Lauren and Lee at their simply beautiful wedding.

Do you like the idea of a traditional and simply beautiful wedding? Then take a look at Lauren and Lee’s gorgeous celebration at Abbeywood Estate in Cheshire. The couple married on the 30th September 2016 and their ceremony took place at Bede’s Catholic Church. They had first seen each other in the gym and spoken in the local pub before starting to date. Lauren and...

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August 2017

A Classically Beautiful Wedding In California With Pops Of Burgundy

A romantic photograph of Allie and Daniel at their classically beautiful wedding.

Allie and Daniel had a classically beautiful wedding in California that surpassed their expectations. The couple met in North Carolina, USA.‘Daniel was completing training for the United States Marine Corps, and I was teaching 8th grade mathematics in a nearby town,’ says Allie. ‘We met about a week after Daniel arrived in North Carolina, and the rest is history! Funny thing is we both grew...

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April 2017

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