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How To Have A Stylishly Quirky Wedding

Gucci showed that it is cool to be a geek in their Spring Summer 2016 fashion show.

We know here at Style & the Bride that not everyone wants a classic, traditional celebration and there are those of you who want a stylish quirky wedding. I love the word quirky and for some it signifies ‘different’, and ‘weird,’ but in my opinion it means simply being a bit different in a unique way.

Without doubt, one of the most exciting things to happen in fashion for a while was the appointment of Alessandro Michele to the helm of Gucci. His debut womenswear collection for the label heralded the arrival of ‘Geek Chic,’ models walked down the catwalk in glasses and mismatched prints that looked quite frankly, sensational. I am sure you remember that ‘geek’ has always had a negative connotation. If you were labeled a ‘geek’ at school, you were thought very uncool. Now, it would appear that being a geek is the ‘in’ thing to be.

Now, how does this relate to weddings… Well, it does. I think it is perfectly achievable to have a quirky wedding that is still incredibly stylish. Yes, your wedding might not be like your best friends’s or like your aunt’s goddaughter, but does it really matter? Isn’t it better to sometimes stand out from the crowd and make a statement, then to follow in someone’s footsteps?

I love this quote from Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

‘Being different isn’t a a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.’

You should definitely apply this quote to all aspects of your life, including your wedding day.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at these ideas.

Stylish and quirky wedding ideas

From the catwalk

a stylish quirky wedding dress

Gucci showed that it is cool to be a geek in their Spring Summer 2016 fashion show.

To your wedding

a stylish and quirky wedding dress

I first came across the bridal designer Dana Dallal at A Most Curious Wedding Fair and was immediately struck by the modernity of her collection. Perfect for brides who want to look stylish, and different.

a stylish quirky wedding floral arrangement

Yes, these are flowers in a handbag, but how cool do they look? They are by Rebel Rebel

a stylish and quirky wedding cake

Looking for a quirky wedding cake to match your quirky wedding style? Then how about this cake by Anges de Sucre?

a fun quirky wedding invitation

I love this Polaroid style wedding invitation by Paper and Inc, Not On The High Street.

a stylish and quirky wedding bridesmaids dress

This sequinned playsuit by Velvet Johstone called ‘Leonie‘ is available as cute shorts or full length.


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