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The Pick Of The Best Rustic Wedding Centrepieces For Your Country Celebration

How about this birch bark centrepiece from The Wedding Of My Dreams?

Have you decided on your wedding centrepieces yet? Before you think you just have to decide on the flowers, think again. If you want to make sure every aspect of your wedding reception is exactly how you want it is, it is important to get involved right from the beginning. Of course, you must trust the professionals such as the florist, but it is important not to take a back seat when it comes to the smaller details.

In today’s blog post, we are focusing on the pick of the best rustic wedding centrepieces for your country celebration. I am sure you have thought long and hard about your reception venue, the lighting, the tables, the chairs etc. However, have you thought about the wedding centrepieces for your flowers. Do you like the idea of having wedding centrepieces made out of bark? Or perhaps you can wrap hessian around vintage glass vases to create a really eclectic country look?

wedding centrepieces

How about this wooden tree slice centrepiece by The Wedding of My Dreams?

For those of you who like the idea of adding a personal touch to your wedding, why not opt for personalised birch wood vases, available from The Letter Room, Not ON The High Street?

wedding centrepieces

Personalised vases add such a lovely touch to a wedding reception.

Once you have decided on your florist, arrange a meeting with him/her immediately to discuss the style of your wedding. Please don’t feel that your florist will not be keen to hear what you have to say. On the contrary, there is nothing a florist likes more than a decisive bride and groom. Come armed with tear sheets from magazines of things that you adore, but remember also to be realistic. An abundance of flowers= a big budget. Florists/wedding planners can of course work within a specific budget, but they are not miracle workers. It is also a good idea before your meeting with your florist to share your pinterest board so they get a deeper understanding of your tastes.

As well as looking at pinterest, take a look at the country real wedding section on Style & the Bride. I know there is nothing brides to be like more than looking at past real weddings to gain ideas for their own big day.

wedding centrepieces

The stunning floral display over the tables, as well as the plant pots, helped to create a real rustic feel at Holly and Jake’s wedding. Flowers by Foxgloves & Glory. Photograph by Jay Rowden.

wedding centrepieces

Elena and Gareth decorated vases and favours with hessian. Photographs by Jessica Raphael Photography.

wedding centrepieces

How pretty is this centrepiece at Victoria and Christopher’s wedding reception? Photograph by Sam Riley.

Before I show you some more beautiful rustic wedding centrepieces, I wanted to quickly touch about your reception room and general decor. If you love the idea of having a very rustic country celebration, everything has to work perfectly. Do you like the idea of having long wooden tables? Is the reception room itself rustic enough for your style of reception? These are questions you and your partner need to ask yourself. However, if you are having a wedding planner, this is where he/she can offer expert advice. They have hopefully planned many weddings over the years and will have expert contacts with furniture hire companies, lighting experts, and florists who specialise in creating rustic, ‘just picked’ wedding centrepieces.

If you love the idea of rustic wedding centrepieces, but are in search of wedding centrepieces without flowers, you can find them below….

Wedding centrepieces without flowers

In case anyone forgets that it is your wedding, you could adorn the top table or all of your wedding tables with moss covered monograms…

wedding centrepieces

This moss covered monogram centrepiece by Honey Lou Weddings, Etsy, is ideal for a rustic wedding.

Here at Style & the Bride, we simply can’t get enough of these faux lavender pots by Marquis & Dawe, available from Not OnThe High Street. Aren’t they fab?

wedding centrepieces

Do you like the idea of these faux lavender pots for your wedding centrepieces?

Like every other aspect of your wedding, don’t leave finding your dream wedding rustic centrepieces until a few weeks or even a month before your big day. If you are too busy with your career, whatever you do, don’t think you can ‘do everything’ until it is too late. This will only result in you frantically ringing around wedding planners and florists only to discover that they are booked up. The sooner you can start getting organised, the better. Believe it or not, some wedding planners and florists can be booked up two years in advance. I am not saying this to panic you, but in order for you to be realistic.

Yes, I  know, there are some couples who can pull together an incredible wedding in a matter of weeks, but this is a rarity. If you are a frequent guest at some incredible weddings, you will probably not know what has gone on behind the scenes. You are simply witnessing and enjoying weddings merely as a guest. It is not until you become a bride to be that you realise how much hard work behind the scenes goes on to create your perfect day.

I whole heartedly believe if you have a budget, make the most of it. A wedding planner can be a necessity and not a luxury for many couples. If you and your partner are frequently travelling abroad and have little time for one another, let alone wedding planning, then a planner is an absolute MUST.

You may think a rustic wedding is easier to put together than a glamorous wedding because it is simply ‘thrown together’ for an eclectic feel, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I am sure you are all familiar with the friend who turns up to a party/event very casually dressed, but looking sensational. She has meticulously thought about every item of clothing. A rustic wedding takes the same amount of effort. Nothing comes easy if it looks incredible.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to find your perfect rustic wedding centrepieces.

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