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A Very Pretty Wedding In Derbyshire With Plenty Of Laughter

A beautiful photograph of Sophie and Matt. Her flowers were by Heather at Berry House Flowers.

There are so many things to take away from Sophie and Matt’s very pretty wedding in Derbyshire. One thing that struck me when I looked at the photographs is how happy everyone looked. OK, I know it is a wedding, and everyone should look happy in their wedding photographs. However, sometimes, couples can be so stressed in the lead up to their big day that they forget to relax and enjoy their wedding. It is so important to try and take in and savour every moment during the day. The reason for this is that it whizzes by so quickly. I am certain that Sophie and Matt did just this and had the best time of their lives.

The couple got married on the 21st May 2016 at St Helen’s Church in Darley Dale, Derbyshire. Their reception was held at The Whitworth. They first met through mutual friends at church. ‘They had known Matt since he was a little boy and four years ago told him, ‘we have found you the girl you are going to marry,’ Sophie explains. ‘He initially dismissed this rather bold statement and forgot about it. Fast forward to the 4th of May (Star Wars day!) 2014.  We met at church one morning and that was that.’

Matt, who is from London, made the decision to move to Derbyshire to be with Sophie in January 2015. They got engaged on the 13th of February 2015 and married 15 months later. ‘The proposal was perfect,’ says Sophie. ‘He took what was my ideal date and added his own spin to it. He hired a huge American style truck, filled the back with blankets, cushions and fairy lights and parked it up in our favourite spot in the Peak District. He tricked me into being there for 16.37 when the sun was due to set only to be greeted with rain and clouds. The plan was to sip on ribena (our first drink on our first date). However we ended up laughing a lot and got very wet as we did so.’

When it came to her wedding dress, Sophie wore Lily-Mae by Charlotte Balbier, and Matt wore a petrol blue suit by Alexander Dobell. According to Sophie, the highlight of the day was ‘having everyone you love and care for in one room.’ She also enjoyed Matt’s surprise at the reception. ‘Half way through the night, he took to the mic and serenaded me with a One Direction song,’ Sophie explains. ‘It was hilarious, but very sweet.’

I am in no doubt you will enjoy looking at Sophie and Matt’s very pretty wedding in Derbyshire, photographed by Esme Mai Photography.

A very pretty wedding in Derbyshire

pretty wedding

A beautiful photograph of Sophie and Matt. Her flowers were by Heather at Berry House Flowers. The sign was made by an artist friend of Sophie and is a quote from a book they read on their engagement evening.

pretty wedding

Sophie’s bridesmaids wore informal dresses from H & M with gypsophila headpieces.

pretty wedding

How cute is this sigh that one of the flower girls held up at the church ceremony?

emotional groom

Matt was a little emotional during their ceremony.

pretty wedding

Sophie’s make up was done by Sarah Gray. Her hair was by Jodie who works at Embellish.

pretty wedding

A fab photograph of the newly married couple.

flower girl

Isn’t this such a lovely photograph of Sophie and her flower girl?

pretty wedding

Sophie decorated the tables with gold, copper and peach bottles with roses in them.

pretty wedding

How pretty are these feather decorations?

wedding guestbook

Matt and Sophie used an old typewriter as a guestbook.

very pretty wedding

Although the couple had a coordinator on the day who worked for the venue, most of the arrangements were done by Sophie.

wedding kiss

Isn’t this such a romantic photograph?

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  1. Kate Deacon Says: July 5, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    It was a great day !! Full of love, family and friends. God at the centre of it all.

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