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A Modern Industrial Wedding In Spain With Boho Style Details

Susana at her modern industrial wedding.

I don’t only love looking at weddings in the Spain but international ones too. This modern industrial wedding in Spain is definitely one to inspire you for your big day. Modern industrial weddings are becoming more and more popular and it is easy to see why. They are simply perfect for couples who are looking for something contemporary and different from the norm. If you are considering having an industrial wedding, you will enjoy looking at Susana and Gonzalo’s big day.

Susana and Gonzalo first met in the Netherlands in 2005 when Susana was a Erasmus student. ‘We met through a mutual friend,’ says Susana. ‘In 2010, we met again at a wedding, and in 2011 on a skiing holiday in the Pyrenees. Then the love was born.’

For their modern industrial wedding, Susanna chose a boho style wedding dress by Laure de Sagazan. The couple got married at Otero de Herreros church followed by La Estacion in Segovia, Spain. The venue was absolutely perfect for their modern industrial wedding style. The flowers were by El Taller de las Flores, and the bouquet featured colours in fuchsia and green.

There were some very unusual touches to the couple’s modern industrial wedding. There were mini ice buckets with the name of every guest (a total of 292). They were used to indicate where everyone was to sit. Another unusual touch was the brightly floral table cloths the couple chose. This was a lovely contrast to the industrial feel of the wedding venue. At the reception, the buffet was displayed on rustic tables and featured the likes of sushi, cold meats and cheese.

Susana and Gonzalo did not have a wedding planner, but instead organised everything themselves. ‘We enjoyed it a lot,’ says Susana. The couple chose not to have a wedding cake, but opted for a delicious tiramisu instead.

The couple’s modern industrial wedding was photographed by Lorena San José.

A modern industrial wedding in Spain

modern industrial wedding

Susana and Gonzalo at their modern industrial wedding.

modern industrial wedding

A contemplative photograph of Susana.

modern industrial wedding

I adore this arty photograph of Susana.

modern industrial wedding

Susana getting ready for her wedding. Her hairstyle worked perfectly with her bridal gown.

modern industrial wedding

Isn’t this a beautiful photograph?

wedding ceremony

Susana and Gonzalo at their wedding ceremony.

wedding guests

One of the glamorous guests at the wedding.

modern industrial wedding

The happy couple after their wedding ceremony.

modern industrial wedding

Aren’t the guests at Susana and Gonzalo’s wedding super chic? I love her hat!

wedding buffet

The couple had a wedding buffet at their reception.

wedding buffet

Sushi was on offer at the reception.

wedding buffet

There was also a wide selection of bread and cheeses.

wedding flowers

How pretty are the flowers on the wedding tables?

modern industrial wedding

The table cloths were a contrast to the modern industrial wedding setting.

wedding tables

A close up of the table cloths.

modern industrial wedding

I love the brightly coloured flowers at the reception.

modern industrial wedding

Mini ice buckets were used as place names for guests.

modern industrial wedding

Susana and Gonzalo enjoying their first dance.

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  1. Really love to see our wedding!! I recomend everyone wants to have a different wedding, sentimental and fun!!!
    The ice buckets was made by my bussines Tenideashop so cool and so great do
    It. We work a lot but was very recomendates because we thought in every single person every time we made each and was so nice for us and our friend and family.
    So nice report!!! Thank you very much!!
    Very fun of @styleandthebride!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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