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An Incredibly Modern & Chic City Wedding In New York

A lovely photograph of Fran and Lauren.

I am in no doubt that Lauren and Fran’s incredibly modern & chic city wedding in New York is going to inspire you. I mean, seriously, how incredible do they both look? Lauren wore a stunning dress by Sarah Seven, whilst Fran opted for a ‘wow’ jumpsuit by Misha Nonoo.

The couple got married on July 22nd, 2016 at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, NYC. They first met playing in a basketball league. Fran was the captain and Lauren was her first pick for her team. ‘We dated for about two and half years before getting engaged,’ says Fran. ‘We really enjoyed being engaged as it was fun to take time with the wedding planning process.’

According to Lauren and Fran, the proposal was ‘simple, yet perfect and definitely suited our style.’ Fran was keen to propose to Lauren in Austin, Texas where she is from. Lauren thought that they were going home on a regular trip to visit family, but Fran had other ideas. Fran suggested they stay at their favourite hotel, Hotel San Jose whilst they were there. After an amazing day of hiking, they came back to the hotel. Fran asked Lauren to sit down on the couch for a bit. Fran had hidden the ring underneath the couch and pulled it out to propose. Lauren had had no idea until that very moment!

When it came to the style of their big day, both Lauren and Fran wanted to their wedding to be modern and have a city feel to it. They chose their venue because of its industrial interior. It was also right on the water, which was also meaningful to them. This was because they had spent many summers out on the Long Island beaches together. ‘We wanted people to eat a lot and dance the night away, so we made sure there was plenty of food and a great band, ‘ says Fran.

For their flowers, Lauren and Fran opted for a white and green theme as they thought it would work well with the dark industrial tones of their venue. Their florist was Brian from Botanical Design whom they describe as ‘fabulous.’

The couple did have bridesmaids, but left it up to choose the style of their dresses. All they had to do was opt for a dress in a dark navy colour. The flower girls wore floral dresses from Zara that Lauren and Fran picked out.

Rather than opt for a photo booth (Lauren and Fran didn’t want people to spend time away from the party), they decided on selfie sticks for each table. They also created a hashtag for their wedding, so guests were posting pictures all night long.

According to Lauren, her favourite moment of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing Fran standing there. ‘It was such a beautiful moment and we could feel so much love surrounding us.’

Lauren and Fran’s city chic wedding was photographed by City Love Photography.

An incredibly modern & chic city wedding in New York

chic city wedding

Isn’t this an incredible photograph of Fran and Lauren at their chic city wedding?


city chic wedding

Lauren’s Sarah Seven dress was perfect for their city chic wedding.


chic city wedding

Fran’s jumpsuit was by Misha Nonoo. Annie Chow did their make-up. Their hair was styled by Aaron Grenier at IGK salon.

The page boy 

chic city wedding

Their ever so cute page boy, holding hands with one of the bridesmaids.

The ceremony

chic city wedding

Lauren and Fran exchanging wedding vows.

The newlyweds

chic city wedding

A kiss for the newlyweds.

Just the two of them

city chic wedding

A lovely photograph of Fran and Lauren.

chic city wedding

An intimate photograph of Lauren and Fran holding hands.

chic city wedding

I love the colour contrast between the green backdrop and Fran and Lauren’s outfits.

city chic wedding

Lauren and Fran simply beaming with happiness.

The bridesmaids

city chic wedding

The bridesmaids wore elegant navy dresses.

The reception

city chic wedding

Fran and Lauren’s city chic wedding reception.

A table for two

city chic wedding

Fran and Lauren on a sweetheart table for two.

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