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An Intimate Fashionable London Wedding With An Olivia Palermo Style Outfit

Lia and Gisueppe outside the Spanish Steps church in London.

I am delighted to share Lia and Giuseppe’s fashionable London wedding with you on Style & the Bride today.

I have actually known Lia for many years as we worked together when I was editing Cosmopolitan Bride magazine.

Lia and Giuseppe dated for two years and got engaged in New York. ‘We were staying at the Bowery hotel and Giuseppe told me to get my walking shoes on as we were going for a trek,’ says Lia. ‘As we were walking past the Grand Central station, he pushed open a door. It was hidden round the back, you would never know it was there. It is called the Campbell Apartment, Inside, it was very intimate, opulent and discreet. Their cocktail menu has never changed. We found a little table in the corner. As I sipped on my Martini, Giuseppe took my hand, told me how much hie loved me and my children, and then said, “I want you in my life forever, will you be my wife” I cried, he got emotional, the couple next to us got emotional. It was a lovely  moment.’

As soon as they returned to the UK, they started planning for their intimate fashionable London wedding. ‘I love Olivia Palermo’s style and I thought she looked so effortlessly wonderful on her wedding day,’ says Lia. ‘You would think finding an ivory cashmere jumper would be simple, but it wasn’t. Some had a neck I didn’t like, or the sleeves were too short or too long. In the end, I bought two from the Pure Collection. One with short sleeves and one long. I preferred the  neck with the long sleeves, but on the actual, day, it was really warm.’

When it came to the skirt part of her option, Lia decided to have it made. ‘Olivia wore a stunning Carolina Herrera skirt, but it was made for her. ‘A friend of mine is a dressmaker, so I asked her whether she would like to turn my ideas into reality,’ says Lia. ‘She doesn’t normally make bridal pieces, but it was wonderful fabric shopping and experiencing this together. My dressmaker Pauline sent me pictures all the time.’

For her ‘something borrowed’ Lia used the underskirt of her sister’s wedding dress. Lia’s accessories included earrings from Monica Vinader and silk floral Christian Louboutin shoes.

Lia and Giuseppe’s fashionable London wedding took place at the church St James’s Spanish Place followed by their reception at The Soho Hotel. ‘Getting married in a church was important for both of us,’ says Lia.’We only had 16 friends and family and the church is huge. We had Ave Maria sung by the most amazing lady, she is a part of the church choir.’

As one of the couple’s first dates took place in the bar at the Soho hotel, it made sense to have their reception there. ‘We hired their Sandra Blow room, which opens up to the Crimson Bar,’ explains Lia. ‘Dinner was for sixteen guests, then a further sixty-five people joined us in the evening. We wanted to have a party and that is certainly what we had! It was perfect.’

Lia’s friend, Jack from Bloomin’ Jacks was responsible for their flowers. Lia’s bouquet featured roses, peonies and eucalyptus.

Although Lia is a make-up artist, she was keen to feel pampered on her big day. Phoebe who works in Mac in Carnaby Street did her make-up and her hair was done at Michael Van Clarke.

As for Giuseppe, he chose a Vivienne Westwood suit, shirt and Joseph Cheaney shoes, the look worked perfectly for their fashionable London wedding. Lia’s father had passed away two years ago, so Giuseppe wore his Rolex watch. A lovely touch.

Lia decided not have bridesmaids. Her daughter Lexi and son Marley walked her down the aisle. Lexi wore a dress from Next and Marley’s outfit was from Zara.

The couple’s wedding cake was from Madeleine’s Cake Boutique in Richmond. ‘I wanted a naked cake with flowers,’ Lia says. ‘It was wonderful.’

Lia and Giuseppe’s fashionable London wedding was photographed by Natasha Merchant. ‘She only ever does weddings for friends,’ Lia explains. ‘We were one of the lucky ones.’

When I asked Lia what advice she would give to future brides, her reply was ‘to have some formal photographs done.’ ‘Many brides don’t like the staged look, but these images are actually really lovely to look back on. I now appreciate it would have been nice to have had some done. We didn’t have a videographer either, I also wish we had opted for one.’

An intimate fashionable London wedding 

bride and groom at a fashionable London wedding

Lia and Gisueppe outside the church.

fashionable London wedding shoes

Lia’s Louboutin shoes, alongside Marley’s beige Todd’s, and Lexi’s Rachel Simpson shoes.

People getting ready for a fashionable London wedding

I love the feel of this photograph.

Lia at her fashionable London wedding

A fabulous photograph of Lia.

A groom and friends at his fashionable London wedding

Giuseppe and his friends having a drink before the wedding.

A child at a fashionable London wedding

How cute does Lia’s son Marley look here?

Man and boy hugging at a fashionable London wedding

A touching hug between Giuseppe and Marley.

a flower girl at a fashionable London wedding

Lia’s daughter, Lexi wearing a very pretty floral crown.

A bride at a fashionable London wedding

Lia waiting to go into the church. I love her gorgeous bridal bouquet.

A bride and children at a fashionable London wedding

Lia with Lexi and Marley about to get married.

Bride and groom kissing at a fashionable London wedding

A kiss for the happy couple.

Bride and groom at a fashionable London wedding

Giuseppe removing some of the confetti from Lia’s shoulder.

fashionable London wedding shoes

How gorgeous are Lia’s Louboutin shoes? Perfect for her fashionable London wedding.

Grooms shoes at a fashionable London wedding

Giuseppe’s Joseph Cheaney shoes complemented Lia’s.

Reception at a fashionable London wedding

Lia and Giuseppe enjoying themselves at their wedding reception.

wedding flowers at a fashionable London wedding

Don’t their wedding flowers look pretty?

Place settings at a fashionable London wedding

A gorgeous pink rose tied to Lia, the bride’s place name.

A fashionable London wedding favour

I am sure Marley appreciated the action figure rather than the rose.

fashionable London wedding cake

Isn’t their wedding cake gorgeous?

Other gorgeous photographs

Bride at a fashionable London wedding

A contemplative Lia looking Serena.

A fashionable London wedding sign

A lovely sign at their reception.



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