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The Dreamiest Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas To Fall In Love With

How stunning is this Verity top, and Magia skirt by Jenny Packham?

Are you a bride to be who has dreamed of getting married since you were a little girl? If this is the case, then it is more than likely you are searching for fairy tale wedding ideas to make your childhood dreams become a reality.

When it comes to fairy tale wedding ideas, in particular fairy tale bridal gowns, I automatically think of dresses with bigger skirts. Although I love slinky dresses, they are most definitely not for a fairy tale wedding. Instead, think of full skirts, plenty of lace or diamanté, and you are starting to get the picture. Before  you think, ‘this is so not me,’ you might change your mind after looking at the fairy tale wedding ideas below. You may not believe me, but I know so many women who don’t think they will go for a princess style theme, but then end up with exactly that. It is important however to follow your dreams and not be influenced by relatives or even friends. It is crucial to remain true to yourselves and not feel pressurised into choosing items for your wedding that you feel you ought to choose rather than ones that you absolutely love.

Opting for fairy tale wedding ideas doesn’t mean you are too girly or old fashioned. On the contrary, I do believe it is possible to create a modern take on fairy tale wedding ideas. Fairy tale wedding ideas don’t have to mean outdated and not fashionable. On the contrary, I think it is the classic wedding looks that stand the test of time. One only has to cite Grace Kelly as an example. Her wedding dress still inspires generations years after she married. In fact, I believe that the Duchess of Cambridge’s Alexander McQueen gown was very much inspired by Grace Kelly’s bridal gown.

Anyway back to fairy tale wedding ideas….

The dreamiest fairy tale wedding ideas

fairy tale wedding ideas

How stunning is this Verity top, and Magia skirt by Jenny Packham?

fairytale wedding ideas

How gorgeous are these Penelope shoes by Freya Rose?

fairy tale wedding ideas

The incredible Margaux by Phillipa Lepley.

fairytale wedding ideas

A marquee/tent like this one from The Pearl Tent Company is just dreamy.

fairytale wedding ideas

Still searching for flower girl and page boy outfits? These are by Little Eglantine and are just so gorgeous.

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