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An Absolutely Beautiful & Simple Elopement In Italy

A gorgeous photograph of Michelle and Kevin at their elopement in Italy.

If you like the idea of eloping or having an intimate wedding, then you will definitely enjoy looking at Michelle and Kevin’s beautiful & simple elopement in Italy. The couple used to work together when they first met. ‘I used to have a crush on him and joined the softball team,’ explains Michelle. ‘I had never played a sport in my life but I knew he would be on the team. A busted lip and chipped tooth later, we became a couple.’

The couple dated for three years before their elopement in Italy took place. ‘We were planning a trip to Florence in Italy and I had a pretty good feeling he was planning to propose there,’ says Michelle. ‘One evening when I came home, Kevin had candles lit all over the house and Italian folk music playing in the background. He also had a nice bottle of wine we’d been saving opened. He met me at the door and pulled me into the house where he professed his love and his wishes to spend the rest of our lives together. He asked me then to marry him in Italy.  We started planning immediately!’ 

Michelle found her stunning custom-made bridal gown at Winnie Couture.

According to Michelle, the venue Il Saviatino for their elopement in Italy stole the show. ‘Our wedding took place at a beautiful Italian Villa in the gardens overlooking the city of Florence,’ she explains. For her bouquet, Michelle opted for soft pink and white flowers with a touch of green.

For their elopement in Italy, the couple had five guests. The guests were the groom’s dad and his fiancée, the groom’s mum and another couple who have been family friends for over 32 years. They happened to be travelling to Italy at the same time as the couple’s celebration.

The highlight of the couple’s elopement in Italy was the ceremony. ‘We had an amazing officiant who really got to know us and customised all of the readings. It was so beautiful and emotionally touching,’

Michelle and Kevin’s stunning elopement in Italy was photographed by Jules Bower.

A beautiful elopement in Italy

elopement in Italy

A gorgeous photograph of Michelle and Kevin at their elopement in Italy.

wedding flowers

How pretty is Michelle’s wedding bouquet? The flowers were by Stiatti Fiori.

elopement in Italy

How smart does Kevin look? He wore a custom made suit by Taylor Richards & Conger

elopement in Italy

Kevin seeing Michelle for the first time in her wedding dress.

elopement in Italy

Kevin and Michelle signing the register. Michelle’s hair and make-up was by Daniela Delia. Their wedding celebrant was from Blessings From Italy.

elopement in Italy

How stunning does the scenery look in this photograph? Their rings were custom made by Benjamin Jewelers.

elopement in Italy

The happy couple after saying their vows.

elopement in Italy

Michelle and Kevin enjoying dinner with their close family.

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  1. We are thrilled to see this wonderful feature on Michelle and Kevin’s romantic and intimate wedding elopement in Florence. Michelle is the kind of Bride that every Celebrant appreciates…. She is charming, polite and considerate. There is a whole gallery of these sumputuous photos on the photographer’s site. Michelle is stunning and looks like a film star!

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