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A Black Tie Classic Country Wedding In Hertfordshire

Isn't this a beautiful photograph of Claartje, Christian and their daughter Jackie?

I am in no doubt you will find many ideas for your own big day after taking a look at Claartje and Christian’s classic country wedding.

Claartje first met her husband Christian at the tender age of eleven. They were friends as teenagers but did not become a couple until they were 21. They dated for ten years before getting engaged. The couple had their ceremony and welcome dinner at The Grove in Herfordshire and their reception and party was at Wrotham Park, also in Hertfordshire.

When it came to deciding upon the style of their wedding, Claartje knew she wanted something quite classic. ‘I wanted it to be well organised and please the guests wherever we could. We wanted to make everyone feel comfortable as well,’ explains Claartje.’ Although the venues were probably quite ‘grand,’ we made it very personal. We wanted a big night on Saturday after the reception so everyone was dancing and drinking until late at night. Our sit down dinner was formal but quite short which I wanted. I think no-one ever felt like they were waiting around. The look of it all was quite modern with lots of white flowers and green.’

As the couple’s wedding took place in the English countryside, Claartje was keen to reflect this in their big day, so they served high tea sandwiches after the ceremony. ‘Our ceremony only started around 4pm,’ says Claartje. ‘I wanted everyone to have a relaxed morning as we had a big standing reception (welcome dinner) the night before. At the welcome dinner we served gin and tonics and Pimms to keep to the British theme. We had lots of delicious local food  such as fish and chips, grilled lamb and even Indian specialities. My husband wanted a touch of Asia (as we lived in Hong Kong) so we had noodles and rice as well. We had an oysterman walking around opening fresh oysters.’

Claartje and Christian’s classic country wedding was photographed by Gill Flett.

An elegantly classic country wedding

classic country wedding

Isn’t this a beautiful photograph of Claartje, Christian and their daughter Jackie?

classic country wedding

How gorgeous are Claartje’s shoes and bouquet? Her flowers were by Rob Van Helden.

classic country wedding

Claartje’s bridesmaids all wore their own dresses/style. ‘I loved giving everyone that relaxed vibe even though it was black tie,’ says Claartje. ‘One of my bridesmaid is Japanese and she wore a kimono.

classic country wedding

How beautiful are the grounds of The Grove?

classic country wedding

Christian with his ushers. He wore a black tie suit he had made in Hong Kong ( they were living there at the time).

classic wedding

Claartje found her stunning Vera Wang wedding dress at their flagship store in San Francisco.

classic wedding

A beautiful photograph of Claartje.

white peonies

How stunning are these white peonies?

wedding ceremony

The decor for Claartje and Christian’s wedding ceremony was classic and very chic.

wedding ceremony

Claartje and Christian getting married.

wedding reception

The couple’s stunningly elegant wedding reception.

white wedding

Claartje and Christian chose the colours white and green for their colour scheme.

wedding cake

The couple’s incredible wedding cake was by Peggy Porschen.

classic wedding

Claartje and Christian enjoying dancing together as man and wife.

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  1. Hi, do you know where her wedit shoes are from? They are gorgeous!

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