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Wedding Venues

You should start thinking about wedding venues  from almost the moment you get engaged. Believe it or not, some wedding venues get booked up to two years in advance. Think carefully about the type of wedding venue that suits you. Do you love the idea of getting married in a contemporary hotel in the heart of the city? Or have you always dreamed of tying the knot at a stately home in the countryside? You might even be tempted of jetting off to a luxury destination in Europe or further afield, and getting married barefoot on a beach with close family and friends? Whatever kind of wedding venue you are looking for, hopefully you will find it in this section.

As well as ideas for city, beach, country and outdoor weddings, there are also ideas for more unusual weddings. It is important to remember when choosing your wedding venue that you don’t just take a look at it in the summer, particularly if you are planning a winter wedding! If for example you are planning on getting married at the venue and love the idea of an outdoors wedding, it is imperative that you find out whether you are able to quickly change your ceremony/reception plans if suddenly the heavens open!

If you are planning to get married at a venue far from where you and many of your guests live, check whether the venue itself can accommodate them over night. If they can’t, it will obviously be up to you to recommend hotels nearby where they will be able to stay instead. When choosing a wedding venue, it is best not to have preconceived ideas before visiting. Often brides don’t opt for the venue they originally thought they would and end up falling in love with something completely different. Be open-minded before making any final decision around wedding venues.

The Prettiest Wedding Venues In Spring Time For You To Choose From

Camp Katur is perfect for those of you who have been looking for wedding venues in the spring time.

Are you planning a spring wedding? Have you been looking for wedding venues in spring time? I know so many couples who choose their wedding venue without visiting it at the time of year they have chosen to get married in. If you are new to wedding planning, I know nothing is obvious. This blog post focuses on the prettiest wedding venues in spring time. Spring...

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April 2017

How To Have A Beautiful Italian Rustic Themed Wedding

Do you love the look of The Olive Grove set up at The Union Street Café? It is simply perfect for a Tuscan themed wedding

Do you like the idea of a beautiful Italian rustic themed wedding? Perhaps you or your partner is Italian? Then why not consider having your Italian wedding in the heart of London? The perfect venue for an Italian rustic themed wedding is a restaurant like Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Café in London’s Southwark. A restaurant is a blank canvas which can be transformed into the venue of your dreams. The...

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April 2017

Wedding Venue Inspiration From This 3 Day Country Wedding

Laura and David had a fabulous wedding at Pengenna Manor. Photograph by Tom Foreman.

I am sure you have heard former brides say, ‘My wedding day went by so quickly.’ You may not think they are right, but believe me they are! So, have you considered having a three day wedding? Imagine arriving at your wedding venue for example on a Friday… You could start the celebrations with a dinner. The following day is when your wedding ceremony and...

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March 2017

Why Roast Restaurant In London Is Perfect For A Foodie Wedding

Roast provides a very light and spacious space for a London wedding.

If you love good food and wine, then these should definitely be key components to your big day. In other words, you should have a foodie wedding. For those of you who live and work in London, you should definitely consider Roast restaurant. Roast is located in Borough Market, which is undoubtedly a foodie’s idea of heaven. It is spaciously set over two levels. It also has stunning views...

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January 2017

A Beautifully Relaxed & Natural Wedding In Ireland

Andrea's friend Lizanne who is a professional make up artist was responsible for her make up. Luke's wore a slim cut grey suit with a white shirt and no tie, in keeping with their relaxed vibe.

There are so many ideas to take away from Andrea and Luke’s beautifully relaxed & natural wedding in Ireland. From Andrea’s stunning Kaviar Gauche wedding dress to the wooden centrepieces at their reception, you are literally spoilt for choice. The couple got married on the 26th March 2016 at Ballybeg House, Co. Wicklow in Ireland. They first met through mutual friends at college and were...

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August 2016

Discover All About The Classic Wedding Venue The Jockey Club Rooms

How magnificent does the dining room look at The Jockey Club Rooms? This is where I and leading wedding planners had dinner for the NAWP event.

If you are planning a classic wedding, I would definitely suggest you take a look at the elegant venue, The Jockey Club Rooms, in Newmarket. I was lucky enough to recently attend a fabulous NAWP (National Association Of Wedding Planners) event there. Alongside leading wedding planners, I was able to sample everything the venue has to offer, and stay overnight in one of their beautifully furnished country style...

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June 2016

Why The York & Albany In London Is The Perfect City Wedding Venue

How chic is this wedding cake by Peggy Porschen?

If you are looking for a city wedding venue in London, but more specifically a stylish restaurant that is synonymous with good food that is moments away from the stunning open spaces of Regent’s Park, you should definitely consider the York & Albany. The restaurant and boutique hotel, is part of the Gordon Ramsay Group, so you can be guaranteed that they take food very...

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May 2016

Beautiful Barn Wedding Venues You’ll Love

A gorgeous couple who had their wedding at Photograph by Matt Parry.

I think it is time we visited the subject of barn wedding venues again. Style & the Bride first covered the subject of barn wedding venues here and it proved to be incredibly popular. I know from experience that if you have not found your dream wedding venue, you can never tire of reading blog posts and articles on different venues. Barn wedding venues are popular...

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May 2016

How To Have A Stylish Restaurant Wedding

A restaurant wedding at one of Gordon Ramsay restaurants is perfect for London couples who are foodies.

Are you a London bride to be who hasn’t decided on her wedding venue yet? If the answer is yes, Style & the Bride loves the idea of you having a restaurant wedding. A restaurant wedding is perfect for couples who are foodies and want their meal to be a big part of their whole day. Now, if you want your restaurant wedding to be really...

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April 2016

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