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Why A Wedding At A Michelin Star Restaurant Is Perfect For A Foodie Couple

The attention to detail at Pétrus is incredible. Larry preparing one of his dishes.

Have you ever thought about having your wedding at a Michelin star restaurant? If you haven’t, now is the time to start thinking about it…. For those of you who live in London or like the idea of having your wedding in the capital, it is possible to hold your wedding reception at Pétrus in London’s Knightsbridge. The Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant is simply perfect...

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June 2017

Delicious Inspiration For Pancake Day 2017 From The Book Pancakes & Waffles

Coffee pancakes will certainly wake you up tomorrow.

If you are looking for delicious inspiration for pancake day 2017, take a look at the book Pancake & Waffles by Hannah Miles, Ryland, Peters & Small (Photography by Steve Painter). You may be trying to eat healthily in the lead up to your big day, which I totally understand. However, it is pancake day 2017, and you should definitely relax sometimes, and just enjoy...

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February 2017

Fresh Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

A colourful juice bar

If you are looking for spring wedding menu ideas you have come to the right place. Now the season has officially started, it’s time to celebrate the colours of spring, so enjoy this pretty time of year and let it shine throughout your entire wedding reception. And what better way to enjoy the colours and flavours of the season than through your food choices. Trays...

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March 2016

Fabulous Pancake Ideas From The Book Breakfast For Dinner

How delicious do these blueberry Cotton Candy pancakes look?

I am sure there a lot of couples who have woken up on their big day and treated themselves to pancakes for breakfast. Even if you are not planning on having pancakes on the morning of your wedding, I am sure you are going to love looking at these pancake ideas from the book, Breakfast For Dinner. In case you didn’t know, it is Pancake...

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February 2016

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas For Your Big Day


If you are planning a winter wedding, you will of course need inspiration when it comes to winter wedding menu ideas for your big day. Choosing the menu for a wedding is a huge decision. Not only is it a large element of the wedding budget, but it also requires careful consideration to ensure that crowd-pleasing dishes are chosen. The food and, if appropriate, drink,...

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December 2015

Inspiring Wedding Food And Drink Ideas For Your Reception

How amazing is this idea by Kalm Kitchen. Photograph by Eddie Judd. It is called 'The Vegetable Garden and Smokery' The concept is a summer grazing stall, and a chest filled with baby shooting vegetables in edible soil (hummus and black olive tapenade). There is also an array of summer salads served alongside a BBQ.

Have you been searching for wedding food and drink ideas for your reception? Perhaps you have not even reached this stage of your planning yet? Experienced wedding caterers can of course come up with stylish wedding food and drink ideas that you will love, but it is important that you have some ideas yourself. I don’t know about you, but I have got to the stage that a...

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November 2015

Stylish Sweet Treats For Your Wedding Reception

How pretty are the Rosewater Marshmallows, perfect for spring or summer weddings?

I can’t believe Wednesday has come round so soon. On this day, I can’t help but think of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, which in turn makes me think of all things sweet. So, what has this got to do with your wedding reception? Well, let me explain…. The London Marshmallow Company by Amy Nelson and Ross O’Brien have got a new book out called...

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September 2015

How To Decide On The Food For Your Wedding Reception

Do you like the idea of choosing a relaxed buffet for your wedding reception? This is by Penni Black?

You may think all the hard work is done after choosing your wedding venue. But believe us, its not. As every former bride will tell you, the food at your wedding reception is incredibly important, and something that you will want to get absolutely right. Before you start contemplating food choices at your wedding reception, you will have to decide between if you want a...

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July 2015

The Most Stylish Wedding Food Trends

How beautiful does this syrup cake served in a syrup tin look from Zafferano? So stylish.

As a bride, of course you want your wedding to be magical and elegant and in many ways maintain elements of tradition, but contemporary weddings are becoming increasingly quirky and experimental. Not sure that you want a classic wedding cake? Not a problem. Want cocktails instead of champagne for toasts? We’ll drink to that! It’s time to discover some of this year’s most stylish wedding...

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June 2015

10 Tip Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Caterer

How gorgeous is this wedding by The Admirable Crichton? So beautiful.

You and your fiancé may consider yourself au fait with all the latest restaurants and food trends. However, finding the perfect caterer for your wedding may not be as easy or stress free as it may initially appear. To ensure you find the dream caterer and enjoy the experience, Style & the Bride has come up with top 10 tips when it comes to choosing...

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June 2015

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