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My Pick Of The Best Boho Wedding Hairstyles Of 2016

The flowers for Emma's headdress were by Wild Willow. Photograph by Tim Simpson. Click here to see her wedding.

If you love looking at boho wedding hairstyles in search of inspiration for your own big day look, then you are in luck. As 2016 draws to a close, I thought would look back at some of my favourite boho wedding hairstyles of 2016. When someone says the word ‘boho,’ to me, I can’t help but think of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller at the...

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December 2016

The Dreamiest Wedding Hair Accessories For Romantic Brides

This stunning veil and flower crown is by Erica Elizabeth Design, Etsy.

I have to be honest with you. I have seen brides in the past who have not always picked the right bridal hair accessory to suit their dress. This is partly the reason for today’s blog post about the dreamiest wedding hair accessories for romantic brides. I of course am keen to showcase some simply stunning wedding hair accessories, but I also want to get an important...

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September 2016

Beautiful Hair Inspiration For Wedding Updos

I just adored Amanda's wedding updo, so contemporary. Her hair and make up was by Amanda Thesen. Photo by Amber Marlow.

Although I think it incredibly important for brides not be too traditional when it comes to all aspects of their wedding, I know there are some of you who just couldn’t imagine getting married without having your hair up. If this sounds like you, I  know you are going to love this beautiful hair inspiration for wedding updos. Wedding updos vary dramatically, which is only right....

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June 2016

Catwalk 2017 Wedding Hair Trends For Your Big Day

I adore this sleek bun, which featured on the Anne Barge spring 2017 catwalk. This lavender dress is part of the Anne Barge Black Label collection

If you are planning on getting married next year, you must read this blog post about catwalk 2017 wedding hair trends for your big day. For those of you who think the catwalk has nothing to do with your wedding, think again. When I edited Cosmopolitan Bride magazine some years ago, I was determined to produce a magazine that was for stylish, fashionable brides. I...

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June 2016

Bohemian Wedding Hair Accessories You’ll Adore

How pretty is this wedding flower bead hair tie by ASOS?

Are you a boho bride at heart? Do you love the idea of wearing fresh flowers in your hair and walking barefoot? If this is the case, you will love this blog post about bohemian wedding hair accessories. I always think for some reason it is far harder to find bohemian wedding hair accessories than boho bridal dresses, would you agree with this? I know...

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June 2016

Fashionable Wedding Hairstyles For 2017

Fashionable Wedding Hairstyles For 2017

Have you been looking at wedding hairstyles recently? Perhaps this is a bit of an obsession of yours! It is of course important to spend time looking at different wedding hairstyles to work out what you like/don’t like, but let me give you a word of advice. If you are someone who never wears her hair up, your wedding day is not the day to...

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May 2016

Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Hair Accessories

This is 'Flora with Celestine hairpins' by Luna Bea. It consists of porcelain, pailletes, suede, moonstone and 14k gold plated brass hairpins.

I personally think it has been far easier in recent years to find boho wedding dresses, but not nearly as easy to find beautiful bohemian wedding hair accessories. One company that is at the forefront of providing high end fashion hair accessories for boho brides is Luna Bea, founded by Lou Simmonds. What I like about her approach to bridal hair accessories is that she...

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January 2016

My Pick Of The Best Wedding Hairstyles From 2015

This is such a beautiful yet very natural bridal hairstyle with a gentle curl. It was created by Amanda Gros. Photograph by Austin Gros.

Are you obsessed with your hair? Have you already been researching suitable wedding hairstyles for your big day? I know from experience that brides-to-be are obsessed with looking at wedding hairstyles. Have you decided on wearing your hair up or are you going to wear it down? I am passionate about brides-to-be choosing a wedding hairstyle that suits them rather than choosing one that they...

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December 2015

Wedding Day Hair Accessories For Every Style Of Bride

The boho bride will adore this 'Meadow' veil by AM Faulkner.

It is not hard to find wedding day accessories. On the contrary, I think it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the enormous choice there is out there when it comes to tiaras, hair combs, headbands etc. However, I know from experience that it is not always easy finding stylish wedding hair accessories as it is imperative that they suit the style of your...

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November 2015

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