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Thinking about what your wedding guests are going to wear is obviously not your priority. You are obviously too busy deciding on your wedding dress, venue, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, cake etc. However, here at Style & the Bride, we think wedding guest outfits are very important, which is why we have devoted a sub section to it. When you decide on your wedding dress code, black tie, lounge suit etc, this should give your guests an indication of what they should wear. More often than not, guests choose to wear a long glamorous dress for a black tie wedding, or an equally short dress. For a lounge suit wedding, wedding guests generally opt for a short dress, rather than a long dress (more suited for a black tie wedding).If you are getting married in a church or religious building, female guests generally wear a hat or headpiece, which they can then remove later at the reception.In this section, we cover a wide range of relevant wedding guest subject matter, including glamorous black tie wedding guest outfits, winter wedding guest outfits, the most fashionable wedding guest outfits etc. If you think your wedding guests might need some ideas and inspiration when it comes to their outfit, I would definitely point them in the direction of this section. I am sure they will find plenty of inspiration to help them make up their mind about what they are going to wear.

The Essential Wedding Guest Outfits Dos And Don’ts

This Maya Curve dress by SimplyBe is perfect for Autumn.

I am sure you have worn plenty of wedding guest outfits over the years. Perhaps now you are a bride to be, do you regret some of your choices? Were some of your dresses a little bit on the short or revealing side? Or perhaps you opted for white when you should have left that for the bride. Although times have now moved on and...

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October 2017

The Pick Of The Best Autumn Wedding Guest Outfits

How stylish is this Mia Mesh sleeve midi dress from Coast?

Are you a bride to be who also has a lot of weddings to attend as a guest this autumn? Then this blog post about the pick of the best Autumn wedding guests is definitely going to come in handy. I don’t know whether you agree, but finding stylish Autumn wedding guest outfits is not as easy as picking out an outfit for a summer...

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September 2017

The Pick Of The Prettiest Floral Dresses For Weddings

How pretty is this Limited Edition Bickham Floral High Low dress by Coast?

Wow, there are so many absolutely gorgeous floral dresses for weddings around at the moment. If you are a bride to be who is also attending a lot of weddings this summer as a guest, I would definitely recommend you wear a floral dress. There is just something about floral dresses for weddings in the summer. They look so feminine and just perfect for the...

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May 2017

The Pick Of The Best Wedding Guest Outfits Inspired By Pippa Middleton

I can definitely see Pippa Middleton inthis Dancehall Geometic Trailing Rose dress by Suzannah.

In case you didn’t know, the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews is taking place on May 20th. It is without doubt set to be the society wedding of the year, with all eyes on Pippa and of course the Duchess of Cambridge and the rumoured appearance of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle. For today’s blog post, I am not focusing on the wedding...

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May 2017

The Most Gorgeous Summer Wedding Guest Outfits For 2017

How about this Deonny, Window Box skater dress by Ted Baker London?

It seems that everyone I meet is going to a wedding in the summer. It obviously got me thinking of summer wedding guest outfits, which is the reason for today’s blog post. If you are a bride to be and also are attending lots of weddings as a guest this summer, then you are in luck. I have found plenty of gorgeous summer wedding guest outfits...

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April 2017

The Most Stylish Black And White Wedding Guest Outfits

How pretty is this Iivy dress by Ted Baker London?

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of Victoria and David Beckham. I was a junior reporter on OK! magazine and begged my Editor that he needed me there to help. I remember the dress code was black and white, so naturally, all those attended chose very chic black and white wedding guest outfits. Even if you don’t want to wear...

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February 2017

Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Outfit For A Wedding

How stylish is this outfit by Forever Unique?

Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or a wedding guest, finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is essential. If you are the bride, without a doubt, you are the star of the day. All eyes will be firmly focused on you, so it is essential that you leave yourself enough time to go wedding dress shopping. Over the years, I...

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December 2016

The Latest Most Stylish Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

This shimmer jacquard dress by Zara is ideal for a winter wedding.

It is obvious that finding stylish winter wedding guest outfits is not as easy as shopping for summer ones. After all, when it comes to summer weddings, all you have to worry about is finding a pretty summery floral dress and a pair of strappy heels. Although this is not necessarily true, it does seem that more women struggle trying to find stylish winter wedding...

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October 2016

The Pick Of The Most Stylish Wedding Guest Jumpsuits

How cute is this Alma jumpsuit from Coast?

Who says you have to wear a dress to a wedding? I am totally in favour of wedding guest jumpsuits, in fact I love them! For all you brides to be who are also attending lots of weddings this year as a guest, why not ditch wearing a dress or skirt and opt for a jumpsuit instead? They are very fashionable at the moment, and...

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August 2016

Floral Wedding Guest Outfits For Summer Celebrations

The V & A museum have teamed up with Oasis for their amazing collection of floral dresses. I adore this V & A Lucinda hanky dress.

Floral wedding guests outfits are a must for a summer celebration. It is likely that as a bride to be that you are also going to be attending many weddings this year. If this is the case, this blog post about floral wedding guest outfits will definitely be of interest. Even if you only have your own wedding to plan, I would definitely direct your...

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May 2016

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