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If you have decided that you are going to have flower girls and page boy outfits, it is imperative that you spend time looking at Style & the Bride’s flower girl and page boy outfits section. Planning the perfect wedding takes a considerable time and effort and it is essential that the flower girl and pageboy outfits tie in with the rest of the look/style of your wedding. There is no point in opting for very traditional flower girl and pageboy outfits if you are having a very modern/fashion forward wedding. If on the contrary, your wedding is going to be classic, you will want to ensure your flower girl and pageboys look the same. Although you will be choosing the flower girl and pageboy outfits that the little girls and boys wear, it is of course important that they feel comfortable in what they wear. At Style & the Bride, we suggest you go looking for flower girl and pageboy outfits first of all by yourself or with your mum. There is no point at all of dragging your chosen flower girl or page boy out with you if you are visiting lots of boutiques. Not only will they get incredibly tired, but also they will be unwilling to try on lots of different outfits, and it could end up as a disaster. It is much more practical once you have narrowed down what you like to two boutiques that you go along with your chosen flower girl/page boy to try things on. We suggest you definitely take one of their parents along so you don’t have to deal with any temper tantrums! Like bridesmaid dresses, it is important to leave plenty of time to finding the perfect flower girl and page boy outfits for your wedding.

Style & the Bride’s Top 7 Pretty Classic Flower Girl Dresses

How pretty is Nicki Macfarlane's 'Mirabelle' dress in ivory?

You consider yourself a classic bride to be and therefore are searching for classic flower girl dresses for your big day. I know there are many fashionable women out there who love keeping up with the latest trends, but still opt for a very classic bridal look on their wedding day. The perfect classic bride role model has to be the Duchess of Cambridge. Not only did she...

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February 2017

Stylish Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses For Autumnal Weddings

How cute is this velvet bridesmaid dress from Zara?

Velvet is the fabric of the season, so what could be more appropriate for autumnal weddings than velvet bridesmaid dresses? My favourite fabric for summer is undoubtedly lace, but my favourite fabric for autumn/winter has to be velvet. I am a velvet fan, come what may be. I basically love velvet even when it is not in fashion. If you are planning an autumnal weddings,...

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October 2016

The Prettiest Autumn Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Big Day

Pink works beautifully with gold for autumn weddings.

According to Nicki Macfarlane, (who designed the flower girl dresses for the Duchess of Cambridge), ‘autumn gives us a great opportunity to move into a softer, more muted colour palette. If you are looking for autumn bridesmaid dresses, think carefully about the season you are getting married in. ‘The light has changed and summer brights no longer look quite right,’ explains Nicki. ‘Cassis and blackberry...

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September 2016

Summer 2016 Flower Girl Trends By Nicki Macfarlane

How utterly gorgeous is Nicki Macfarlane's 'Eleanor' dress in gold?

When it comes to flower girl trends for summer 2016, do you think pastels will be on trend or brights? One designer for sure who knows everything there is to know about summer 2016 flower girl trends is Nicki Macfarlane. Nicky, who has over 30 years experience, and has own boutique store in the heart of London’s Chelsea, was lucky enough to have the honour of...

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May 2016

Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses For A Classic Wedding

How pretty is this velvet dress by Little Bevan?

Did you see the recent photographs of Princess Charlotte? The six month old baby looked gorgeous in a floral print dress and cardigan. What struck me about the photograph was how sweet Princess Charlotte looked. I don’t know whether you agree, but I personally like seeing little boys and girls wearing traditional clothes. I think it is so nice to see little girls and boys looking their...

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November 2015

Flower Girl Dresses For Every Style Of Wedding

How gorgeous is this dress by Monnalisa?

You have chosen your little bridesmaids, but have you thought about their flower girl dresses yet? You may have always loved the idea of wearing them little pink dresses or alternatively very modern outfits, but have you thought about whether it would suit your wedding venue? There is no point in falling in love with a particular style of flower girl outfit if it doesn’t...

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August 2015

Page Boy Ideas For Every Style of Wedding

If you are looking for page boy outfits that are very traditional, take a look at Little Bevan.

If you are a bride-to-be who likes the idea of having page boys at your weddings as well as flower girls, think carefully about the role that they are going to play and what you are going to dress them in. The page boy’s duty often involves being a ring bearer – carrying a pillow with the rings on, or as a member of the...

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August 2015

Pretty Flower Girl Dresses Fit For A Princess

Pretty Flower Girl Dresses Fit For A Princess

Princess Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana. A beautiful and fitting name for the new princess, wouldn’t you agree? In honour of the new princess, I thought I would write a post about pretty flower girl dresses fit for a princess. I am sure that Princess Charlotte will wear many pretty dresses in years to come, and hopefully, will be a flower girl herself one day. Here is my...

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May 2015

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