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Inspiring Recipes From The Book Living Tea To Inspire You To Be A Healthy Bride

Do you like the idea of a Blood Orangeade?

I don’t like the word diet. In fact, it kind of freaks me out. Just because you are getting married most definitely does not mean you have to be on a diet. When you are engaged, it undoubtedly focuses your mind onto eating and drinking healthily and working out (sensibly). January is kind of a difficult month to inspire you to be a healthy bride. Is...

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February 2017

How To Relax And Feel Calm The Night Before Your Wedding

Light this gorgeous set of mini candles (Baies, Figuier, Roses) by Diptique the night before your wedding.

The biggest day of your life is nearly upon you, so it is natural to feel nervous and a little overwhelmed the night before your wedding. The last thing you will want is to have to feel even more stressed than you are already experiencing. In order to prevent this from happening, get organised in the months and weeks leading up to your big day. If your...

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November 2016

How To Include And Style Your Dog On Your Wedding Day

How cute is this coral rose collar from Cupid Collars?

All you dog lovers out there will just love this blog post about how to include and style your dog on your wedding day. Since I have launched Style & the Bride, I have included quite a few weddings where dogs have featured. Some of you who are newly engaged may not even have thought about including your dog on your wedding day. However, if...

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October 2016

Top Tips For Emotional Brides And Grooms

John was very emotional when he married Emily. Photo by Joanne Dunn.

This wedding blog is not about stopping you from crying on your wedding day. If truth be known, I think there is nothing lovelier than showing your feelings on the most important day of your life. Some of my favourite wedding photographs are of emotional brides and grooms, particularly when they see their partner walk down the aisle for the first time. If you think...

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July 2016

Top Planning Tips For A Rainy Wedding Day

Make sure you have plenty of umbrellas on hand in the right colour. This pretty lace Victorian wedding umbrella is by The Brolly Shop, Not On The High Street.

As I sit in my office with the rain pelting against the windows, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate Monday wedding blog post than this one about planning tips for a rainy wedding day. If you are planning on getting married in the UK, I am sure you have already thought about the weather. I know lucky brides who have awoken to brilliant sunshine...

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June 2016

Black Tie Wedding Dress Code Explained

The stylish Mayfair black tie suit by REISS.

I know that not everyone finds it easy to comprehend dress codes, particularly a black tie wedding dress code. If you are planning a black tie wedding, and therefore naturally having a black tie wedding dress code, don’t automatically assume your guests will know what to wear. Here at Style & the Bride, we feel it is our duty to explain everything there is to...

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June 2016

Expert Wedding Tablescape Tips For Your Big Day


Long gone are the days when all you had to worry about for your wedding is finding your dream dress, and venue. Nowadays, every detail is imperative to ensure your wedding day is as perfect as it can be. Have you thought about  your wedding tablescape yet? (in other words how the tables at your wedding reception are visually going to look in terms of...

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May 2016

How To Avoid Wedding Stress

Image courtesy of Yoga Loft Naples

We know however exciting planning your wedding is, it can also be very stressful. Today’s blog post will hopefully help you to avoid wedding stress. Wedding planning in all its tulle-filled, dreamlike glory, is an emotionally-charged journey. Keeping calm and patient in the throes of wedding planning sometimes requires a little assistance. Keep calm with our stress-free tips for a serene wedding planning experience. Yoga...

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March 2016

How To Start Planning A Wedding

If you are planning a London wedding, we love Claridge's hotel. However, remember prestigious venues like this can be booked up to two years in advance, to it is important to bear this in mind.

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after Christmas. If you are newly engaged, I am sure you are enjoying being in a bubble of excitement. I of course want you to continue being excited, but I am sure your thoughts are starting to turn to how to go about planning a wedding....

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January 2016

Top Tips For Planning A Stylish Wedding Reception

How stylish are these Ghost wedding chairs that Kristina sourced for this wedding? They are available to hire from xxx

If there is one wedding planner who knows about planning a stylish wedding reception, it is Kristina Murphy, founder of luxury wedding and event company, Sweetpea & Blossom. When I saw photographs of an all white/cream modern yet incredibly elegant wedding she organised, I knew I had to find out what her top tips are for planning a stylish wedding reception. Kristina trained as an interior...

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November 2015

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