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This section is all about the pick of the best first night hotels. Have you thought about your first night yet? Are you getting married in a country hotel where you can spend your first night too? Or perhaps you are getting married at a venue close to a luxurious hotel that would be perfect for your first night? Obviously the first thing to do when it comes to deciding on first night hotels is to find out if your wedding venue has accommodation? If it doesn’t, investigate suitable hotels nearby. However, it is important to obviously go and have a look at the hotel before booking your first night there. The last thing you will want is to arrive at the hotel feeling exhausted after your wedding only to discover it is far from what you thought it would be like. You should also consider the style of the hotel you are looking for? Do you and your partner like the idea of spending your first night in a modern hotel? Or perhaps you prefer country chintz or a small boutique hotel? Whatever your tastes are, it is important to find something that suits you most and that you will remember for all the right reasons. You deserve a touch of luxury on your first night, after all you should celebrate being newlyweds in style. It should of course be a chance to relax and unwind before you jet off to your honeymoon. If you are not planning on honeymooning immediately after your wedding, you might want to extend your first night and just spend a few days relaxing before returning to work and normal life. It is always hard returning to normality after your wedding, so a few days together at a luxurious hotel is definitely worth considering.

The Most Stylish UK Hotels For Your First Night

How romantic does the courtyard look at the Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa in Sussex.

Your groom may be in charge of booking your first night and honeymoon, but who says he has to? If you are a bride who has made every decision when it comes to the planning of your wedding, it is highly unlikely that you are going to leave the first night and honeymoon to your husband. Not that you doubt his taste, it is just...

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June 2015

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