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A Very Pretty & Bohemian Chic Wedding In California

Perri and Zak's cake perfectly suited their bohemian chic wedding.

Without a doubt, Perri and Zak’s big day could be described as a bohemian chic wedding. This was how their florist described their celebration and it is easy to see why. ‘I wore all lace with my hair down and wavy,’ explains Perri. ‘While the overall colour palette was in neutral tones (white, ivory, grey), I added colour with jewel-tone flowers like deep fuchsia, amber, and deep purple. I had a garland of eucalyptus and big displays of bougainvillea. My bridesmaids were in ivory and grey with my sister, the maid of honour, in a beautiful floral print (inspired by the MOH dress my mum wore to my aunt’s wedding in the 70’s). ‘

Perri and Zak first met at work and had a ‘secret office romance.’ However, when they finally told everyone, they all replied, ‘Yeah, we know!’

The couple who live in San Francisco often go up to Napa/wine country to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. ‘One day Zak said he wanted to go up there as he had a new place he wanted to check out, ‘says Perri. ‘He took me to Chandon–a champagne winery. We got a glass of bubbly and then took a walk around the grounds. We came upon a little picnic table and decided to stop and enjoy the view of the vineyards. I sat down on the bench, and he got down on his knee. Before I could register what was happening, he asked me to marry him. I cried (obviously) but we both held hands and literally jumped up and down in the vineyards roaring with excitement!’

The couple got married at Triple S Ranch Napa in Calistoga, CA. According to Perri, choosing the venue was quite a journey. When they first visited, the place didn’t really exist. It was basically an old fruit farm that needed a lot of attention.

They met the owner, who told them that it was going to be transformed, using beautiful antiques he collected from around the world. Perri and Zak were completely inspired by his vision and decided it was the perfect venue for their wedding. ‘We had no idea what Triple S would be on the day of our wedding, but we had faith it would come together beautifully,’ says Perri. ‘It reminds us that in life, as in marriage, you don’t always know how things will turn out. However, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just go for it. Knowing that we are one of the first people to be married at Triple S truly makes it feel like our own.’

Perri and Zak made their bohemian chic wedding truly special by adding a few unique touches to ensure their wedding represented their personalities. ‘Before the ceremony, we handed out small phrases (i.e. words of wisdom) to a few of our guests,’ says Perri. ‘During the ceremony, they were asked to stand up and read them aloud. This made people feel like they were a part of it. This was something my parents did at their wedding that we wanted to replicate. 

Some of the phrases included: To love a person is to see all their magic and remind them of it when they have forgotten. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

Perri and Zak also had a card table where they displayed love notes they had written to each other over the years.

The couple’s bohemian chic wedding was photographed by Meg Messina.

A beautiful bohemian chic wedding in California

bohemian chic wedding

Isn’t the scenery at the couple’s bohemian chic wedding beautiful?

bohemian chic wedding

Perri and her bridesmaids, all looking absolutely amazing.

bohemian chic wedding

Perri and Zak sharing an intimate moment at their ceremony.

bohemian chic wedding

How ethereal and dreamy is this photograph?

bohemian chic wedding

Perri and Zak’s absolutely stunning wedding ceremony.

bohemian chic wedding

The happy couple after saying their vows.

bohemian chic wedding

A dreamy photograph of Perri and Zak.

bohemian chic wedding

Perri and Zak’s gorgeous wedding reception.

bohemian chic wedding.

Perri and Zak’s cake perfectly suited their bohemian chic wedding.

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  1. Marina thank you so much for sharing this beautiful wedding! It was one of my favorites to shoot and I’m super flattered to have it on your wonderful site! Big hugs!

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